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Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis 

One of the most common problems surrounding dismissal issues is capability of the employee. From talking to many business owners it appears that CV expertise is taken at face value, particularly where a candidate is before you saying all the right things and then, once in the job, there is a clear mismatch of understanding of the standards and skills needed for the role in certain areas. This can also occur where an existing workforce needs to up skill due to new job requirements and identification of the right training is mission critical. Training is selected on market availability rather than what is needed, often this is a close or near match of what is wanted and there remains knowledge gaps and under performance. Sending employees with specific training needs on open access day courses is rarely effective, its essential a full training needs analysis is carried out before training is purchased and that is why we designed this set of tools for you.

What is Training Needs Analysis?

Put simply, its the analysis of the gap between what an employee knows and what they need to know to carry out their role effectively in an organisation. Often the requirements for knowledge are varied and cover more than one area of expertise which is why the analysis is so important to identify the areas where training will benefit and to organise training which fits the requirement exactly. As experienced HR and Employment law advisors we also enable organisations and their trainers to use the data collected to establish cost benefit analysis – the business case for undertaking training.


Our tools provide the following:

Organisational Analysis Questionnaires

Individual Analysis Questionnaires

Work and Process Analysis Tools

Performance Analysis – self and management audit tools

Employment Document Analysis

Training Suitability checklist

Cost Benefit Analysis reporting


Who is this for?

In House HR professionals and training managers who do not have experience in Training Needs Analysis work.

HR professionals and training companies who offer services to their clients and are seeking to offer more services – white label licensing of the tools for use or fully outsourced service.

What does it cost?

In house teams can purchase the pack of tools under licence for 12 months which includes all updates and a series of videos to show how the tools are used and how they work together. Licences start from £795 PA


For more information on any of our services please phone 01244 300413 or email emma@lawhound.co.uk

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