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Dispute Resolution and Mediation From Law Hound 

We believe most businesses don’t just have legal issues in isolation from their other business problems, the two come hand in hand. Being business owners ourselves and having grown several businesses, both on and off line, it made sense to us to help you with both law and business as part of the same consultancy. Commercial disputes and Employment law problems are not just about the law and regulations, almost all legal problems start with people and communication and/or having processes in place which have failed to work.


Coming to Law Hound you can be sure your problems and questions are dealt with sensitively by people who run businesses and take responsibility for their actions, we don’t just look at the legal aspects of an issue, we help you take stock of the whole problem and come up with practical steps to get you back on track. When the only thing agreed on is you need to stay in business we can help find you the way through your dispute.

What has Law Hound Resolved via Mediation?

In the last 12 months so far we have helped in the following types of cases:

  • Assisted an online retailer with a wide scale management theft problem to put in place systems and address the disputes that sat at the core of this issue
  • Worked through a huge IP issue between a director and his investor
  • Mediated a commercial sale settlement
  • Mediated in numerous shareholder and director disputes

We understand the pains of starting out or growing your business online

Nothing we advise on is new to us, we have many years’ experience. We only offer help on the areas in which we specialise and have hands on experience of. Working online since 1999 we have tried and tested many new gimmicks and applications and continue to develop our own business online using a virtual team. That means we know the pain and the problems you face and can help you over the hurdles holding you back in your business. This not only saves you time and money it also means you get a service which is unique to your business and crafted to solve your problems, not a generic answer to just part of the problem.

Get In Touch

Talk to us today about how we can help you and your business, we work using fixed fees and a process which enables you to get through the problem and continue to run your business.

Call us on 01244 300413 or email help@lawhound.co.uk


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