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Commercial Law

Corporate or Commercial law

Whether we are aware of it, or not, corporate law underpins much of the documentation that provides security and creates relationships within business. It is a fundamental requirement for any business that is looking to ensure that it lays decent foundations for the future, and should be on the radar of all business savvy organisations. Whilst corporate law is a broad field, there are a number of key threads running through it:

Keeping abreast of changes in the law – the law is constantly evolving to take into account movements in international legislation and changes in technology, security and the validity of documents, to name a few key areas. It’s important that a company understands what the new developments mean for its own operations and what action needs to be taken. Facebook, Google Adverts and other Social Media platforms change their advertising requirements and rules frequently, are you up to date in your business?

Dealing with the basics – corporate law includes handling all the formalities of running a company. This covers everything from the necessities for incorporating a company with Companies House, to the reporting requirements that are ongoing as long as the company is still in existence. Issues such as the ownership of the company – for example, the structure of shareholders and investors – as well as the basic memorandum and articles, what structure the business should take, and the various voting provisions also come under this umbrella.

Corporate documents – standard form corporate documentation, contracts of all sorts, various licences and other types of agreement – such as assignments – can also come under the heading of corporate law.

What You Need to Do Next

Law Hound offers a unique service for those looking for corporate support without the hassle and ongoing expense of a pay-by-the-hour legal adviser. Law Hound’s fixed price packages are specifically tailored for different sectors. The packages are a combination of corporate law information and updates with business advice and there are no added extras – we only provide the advice that will meet the needs of a business in your particular sector.

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