Law Hound provides online legal compliance advice for your business all at fixed cost.

What’s a bespoke legal agreement or document?

It’s a contract, terms and conditions or agreement written for your own specific needs based on how you do business and designed for your business and your business alone. It’s written after a conversation between you and your Law Hound advisor and drafted to your exact needs. In short it covers you and your business for the risks we have identified for you.

Why should I use a more expensive bespoke service when I can get a template for a lower cost?

Templates are very useful for start up enterprises, and also for low value contracts and transactions. For simple matters a template will provide you with the content needed for your privacy policy for use on your business’ web site, for example. For more complex issues such as where there are multiple services being offered, a generic one size fits all legal template just doesn’t offer the scope for full risk cover. With Law Hound you can obtain legal compliance advice on line, via phone or face to face on the best option for you.

How do I know I am being given a bespoke document?

Your advisor takes your instructions and then confirms, usually by email, the proposed contents of your agreement. Once you agree the contents we draft the agreement or contract and send it to you as a draft. Your instructions are clearly included in the document and we raise questions and point out other things for you to consider within this ‘working draft’. The document is applicable only to your particular business  risk and  the law and rules affecting your business. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the completed draft is it considered final.

How long does it take?

Law Hound’s normal turnaround from order is 3-5 working days on a bespoke order. If your need is more urgent we can do same day or next day turnaround. You will pay a premium turnaround fee for the additional work required in a faster turnaround and the exclusive rights to the time of the advisor to deal with your work.

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