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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

Ever employed someone and then found that half of what you need them to do they cannot or won’t do as it was not shown to them in the advert or your contracts? Worse still you might have a job description which doesn’t outline the core attitudes and behaviours you need the employee to demonstrate. Writing them is hard work and it’s another thing on the list for you to get around to but the thing is right now today you need one and are staring at a blank screen or piece of paper.

Our Job descriptions remove all that ‘good enough’ stuff and provide you with a job description you can rely on and which is ready for you to use, amend and tweak as needed, you can use one of our standard templates which are available for instant downloading or ask us to write a fully customised one for your employee. The whole process takes all of the stress for you out of things and you start off your new hire properly.

We write job descriptions for the following sectors:


Air transport


Professional Services





Banking and Finance






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For something which sits at the heart of good people hiring and management and with Law Hound starts from just £50 ex VAT per description and could save your £K’s in terms of disappointment and discipline process, isn’t it time you treated yourself to a professionally written job description?

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