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As from the 1st May 2018 we are offering free online training sessions which are played ‘on demand’. This means you register and get access to all of these sessions. You can watch as many times as you want, at the times you want to watch them.

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Step 1 – Data Audit – What data do I have? (with spreadsheet)

Step 2 – Data Audit – What do I do with the data that I found in Step 1? (with colour-tabbed Word tables)

Step 3 – Permissions – What are the Permissions which apply to how I process the data (as identified in Step 2)?

Step 4 – ‘Legitimate Interests’ – What does it mean and how much of my processing can I fit under this umbrella?

Step 5 – Data Cleansing – a short explanation about why secure destruction of data doesn’t mean hitting the delete key and emptying a recycle bin, together with some options for secure destruction methods to investigate. Crib list of options and web addresses provided.

Will I be able to market post 25th May 2018? – 38 minutes on GDPR, PECR and what the law says with practical help and hints


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