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GDPR Free Audit


Irrespective of Brexit, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will take effect from May 2018 and will have a direct impact on your business. With fines for non-compliance which can amount to 4% of your annual turnover (not just your profit) you can’t afford to ignore it.

You must start the process now if you want to be ready for GDPR. However, there is absolutely no point in learning about obligations which your business does not have to comply with. Particularly, some businesses are already concerned that they don’t comply with their current data protection obligations.

We understand that you need to run your business and don’t have unlimited time which you can devote to finding out how data protection law applies to you. We can help by making it easy for you to

  • understand your obligations
  • put processes and documents in place which mean you can easily comply without bringing your business to a standstill

This is a combination of training, documentation and practical support designed for businesses with less than 250 employees who want to ensure that they don’t inadvertently fall foul of the law.


1 – Start with your FREE Audit and initial report

2 – Based on your report, make sure that your existing data protection is in order:

Law Hound Group GDPR Initial Free Audit


Once you have submitted the above form please allow up to 5 working days excluding the date of submission for your free report.

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