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Executive Roadmapping

Are you an executive, director, senior manager about to take on a mission critical project?

Over 30 years of working with business owners facing massive changes in their businesses these are the common threads:

  • I may not be the person for this job – Feeling overwhelmed and directionless when faced with changes ‘on top’ of their day to day role
  • There is too much riding on this – Worried about getting it wrong, leading the team in the wrong direction as its the first time the executive has handled a project like this
  • Procrastination – Not taking action on the new project so there is stasis and clinging to old role and duties
  • Overworking – Extending the working day hours/week to accommodate the additional duties in place of delegation
  • Stressed – Unable to switch off and self care being sidelined

Working one to one with our senior consultants who have been through similar projects and challenges themselves, you get both a sounding board and direction, often sparking new ideas and approaches in you. Confidential and supporting you every step of the way, flexible, compassionate and experienced help so you are not alone and can discuss all your ideas in a safe space to hone them for your organisation. It’s a sure way of your business getting the best from you and the project reaching an excellent conclusion.

We do not work with everyone who approaches us, as its core to this working and getting you the results that we are a good match, so it all starts with a no obligation free chat.


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