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Business Partnership Problems?

Are you having business partnership problems?

Law Hound’s legal consultancy can help. We can let you know where you stand so you avoid court and can either sort out your differences via our mediation service or conclude your partnership dealings fully in accordance with the law. Our unique practical approach will help you get over the confusion and concerns you have now so you can move on. We offer a range of options so you can choose, based on your budget and your current situation, the service which is right for you now. Business is hard work, our experience tells us that where there are differences and partners want to go their separate ways that emotion and confusion over rights gets in the way of an orderly end to your partnership and battles play out over time using lots of cash in expensive court cases. There is an easier way to resolve things, talk to us on 01244 300413 or email partnership@lawhound.co.uk


Option One

A  45 minute phone call where we discuss your options and current situation and provide help on the options open to you depending on what you tell us. After the call you get a brief report on what we have discussed.

£275 ex VAT

Option Two

The chat – we talk to you over the phone in an initial call and take from you all the details we need to let you know your options. You then receive a short report outlining the conversation main points and what options are available to you based on what you tell us With this option no communication is sent to the other parties by us and it does not form part of our official mediation process. It is a non confrontational consultation service so you know how to take things to the next level. You are encouraged to show the report to the other party and either resolve things between you or to use our mediation services. In the event of you needing email help based on the contents of the report we provide unlimited support by email only for up to 12 weeks following the order. This service provides a checklist of areas to consider when dissolving your partnership and various legal templates to assist you in dissolving the partnership effectively.


Cost is £699 ex VAT


Option Three – Mediation

Our services start from £299 ex VAT per party – phone call service of one hour only – and range to a full one day face to face mediation service including the agreement to mediate of 8 hours starting from £2999 ex VAT.

Why mediation?

Resolving your disputes in court is very expensive. If you have not signed a partnership agreement then things are made more complicated, particularly if there are ownership issues to resolve. Mediation takes a calm and steady approach so all parties leave with a resolution and a clear plan on what will be done next. Something that can take months to resolve with all the stress that goes with that can be resolved in a mediation day very quickly.

For more details on how Law Hound’s mediation services can work for you call 01244 300413 or email mediate@lawhound.co.uk

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