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£299 T’s and C’s

Do you struggle getting paid on time, receiving customer complaints or finding disputes are grinding you down?

What’s the answer?

Almost all product and service businesses struggle from time to time with getting paid on time, find themselves in a dispute or wading through a customer complaint. With clear terms and conditions you can cut the time it takes to sort out these issues really quickly. Since 1992 our business has been helping small business owners sort out their terms and conditions and other legal documents and since 1999 have offered this service entirely online. Good up to date terms and conditions mean you get all of your risk points clearly understood and have a process in place for resolution each and every time. Repeatable and reliable so you can focus on the stuff that matters.

What’s the difference between this and a legal template?

The service, with this order you instruct us to build a document specifically for your business, not a generic standard documents which you complete yourself. With this service you instruct us in depth about your business and needs and get the document written for you. As everything is done on line we cut down on staff and time needed which is passed back to you as a saving.

Ready to Order?

£299 ex VAT £358.80 incl VAT Pay Now

Why £299 ex VAT?

We work with micro and small businesses who don’t have a big budget. Our clients operate on line a lot of the time and are very happy with working with an online legal service. Over the years we have tried many different approaches, some traditional where we met up with clients and took instructions, then SKYPE calls and now online questions which allow us to build you the terms and conditions efficiently and quickly. From time of payment to release of document following your answers it’s just 7 working days before you get a ready to use document built to your instructions via our online service. No calls or additional emails just a very clear process which works like this:

  1. Order online and pay using the paylink via GoCardless
  2. Payment set up and on collection we confirm the order and send over the questionnaire link
  3. You complete it all online and press send
  4. We confirm receipt, ask you any additional questions (if needed) and start drafting
  5. Payment arrives with us
  6. Document is released 7 working days or less from receipt of answers and payment received by us
  7. Feedback form link comes with your document so you can ask any questions or raise questions

Quick, Efficient and Easy

No fuss or faff, all done online on any mobile device and you get a ready to use document.

These are some of the terms we offer in this service:

  • Terms and conditions for an eCommerce site for sale of products or services
  • Terms and conditions for a service business
  • Terms and conditions for a trade business – plumbing, electrical, cleaning for example
  • Terms of use for a web site
  • Terms and conditions for a business selling products produced by them
  • Terms and conditions for a business selling products produced by others

What Happens if My Requirement is not Included Above?

Just email support@lawhound.co.uk or use this online request and we will let you know if it can be done within the cost above.

Ready to Order?

£299 ex VAT £358.80 incl VAT Pay Now



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