CVs, lies and money

CV fabrication can lead employers to think they do have the ‘right’ candidate, when in fact if the truth was on the CV they may not get an interview at all. Some top tips to lessen the worries about this vexing subject:

Always make a conditional job offer- make sure you offer the job subject to taking up satisfactory references, proof of experience and qualifications. Make this clear in your job offer letter that unless certain criteria check out and can be proven that the job offer will be withdrawn and the job terminated.

Move fast to check out the above- don’t waste time if the person is already in position and working for you and you are having problems with checking out their CV ‘story’ don’t be afraid to invoke this clause in your job offer letter and move on to the next choice of candidate.

Make sure in your application form or job offer letter there is a fabrication clause warning those who lie on their CV that this, when found out, will be a reason for termination and potentially other legal action.

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