Software Licence

Today software law is  important for all sizes of businesses wanting  a way to protect their software which of course can be a high value asset. For many small and medium sized businesses, without the benefit of an in house legal team, it can get overlooked. We have seen USA terms cut, copied and pasted and amended and served up as binding terms and got involved only following an expensive dispute. The thing is a dispute always costs more than the cost of a good well written software licence. The reason many business don’t focus on this is that they tend to deal with the licence at the start of the business when cash is short and never revisit it, often years go by, the value of the licence is hundreds of thousands and then someone challenges something and all is chaos over what these hybrid, done on the fly, cheap or taken from the work of others actually mean!

The consequences of this can be considerable, both in terms of the future survival of the business and in having an immediate impact on the financial stability of the company. This makes software law advice essential for a large proportion of IT and creative sector businesses.


What do businesses need to consider?


For IT and creative sector businesses, some degree of advice on software law is fairly key – and becomes more crucial depending on the nature of the business and how integral software is to the business product. This could include dealing with software licensing agreements (i.e. the agreement between the licensor and the purchaser relating to software that has been developed or is being used), as well as essential protection mechanisms for business assets, such as copyrights and patents.


Why is software law important?


Without software law, a business leaves its software based assets extremely vulnerable. This is particularly important for organisations that are involved in the development of software, as software law is at the heart of preventing the unauthorised copying of that software and protecting business inventions that involve computer software. Where these products are important to the ongoing success of a business, its profit margins and its future development can be completely destroyed if the software is stolen or copied.


How does Law Hound work?


Law Hound  is a cutting edge legal advice service that offers the most essential advice elements for businesses within the IT and creative sectors. We offer a series of advice packages on software law designed to demystify this area of regulation and provide essential support for businesses that want to protect their interests, now and in the future.


If you would like more information on our services and range of software licence options then use the quote on this page on the right hand side or phone us on 01244 300413

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