Systems, processes and documents to protect your business

Why do you need a clear and consistent Human Resources (HR) solution?


The security in knowing what’s expected of you

All successful busy restaurants or café businesses know they must provide consistently high quality dining experiences to attract new diners and ensure those diners will come back time and time again. Your staff are an integral part of this so it’s vital that each member of your team understands

  • what’s expected of them (their obligations and responsibilities) and
  • your obligations and responsibilities (what you will and need to do)

Comply with the law

We all must comply with the law which means making sure that you don’t overlook your employee’s rights or get caught out by not following the necessary ‘right to work’ checks for new staff members.

Health & Safety

Everyone visiting your restaurant or café should know they are coming into a safe environment. You also have a duty to comply with your legal obligations, including having a written health and safety policy  (this is a statutory obligation if you employ more than 5 people but makes sense to have it in writing even if your business is smaller). Restaurants have many hazards which means that you need to be clear and show that you understand

  • the potential risks and
  • your obligations and
  • take steps to minimise any risk

Irrespective of how many people you employ, having a clear and effective health and safety policy

  • shows that you care about safety and take your responsibilities seriously and
  • ensures that your staff understand what’s expected of them

If you don’t comply you can be sued and government agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive and Food Standards Agency will take action against you resulting in a fine or possibly a prison sentence if the breaches are severe enough.

Protect your business

You also need to protect your business – avoiding situations where chefs leave and you find yourself unable to recreate dishes, or your signature dishes appear inconsistent and diners begin to ask which chef is on duty before they order.

That’s why you need a clear and consistent Human Resources (HR) system which clearly lays out how you run your business.


What do I get?

  • Employment contracts
  • Job descriptions
  • Staff handbook
  • A comprehensive restaurant health and safety policy with a first aider agreement which complies with Food Standards Agency Recommendations
  • Handy checklists and forms to help you successfully implement your staff policies

The HR Solution is specifically for a restaurant or café. It is written by experienced lawyers who understand your business sector and the importance of having clear staff processes and policies which protect your business and comply with the law. The solution comes with guidance which makes it easy to use and follow.

You receive free updates if the law changes within 12 months from your order date and we send you all the important stuff as changes occur so you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of changes in the law. We tell you how to comply and offer practical advice every step of the way.

Are they right for me and my business?

If you are running a restaurant or café business employing less than 20 employees then this HR service is for you. Our expert lawyers know how to protect your business and ensure that you comply with your legal obligations so you and your business are protected.

Why should I get this?

This staff handbook will ensure that

  • you have effective systems and processes
  • which staff know and understand
  • you avoid the “I didn’t know”, “it’s not my responsibility” scenarios
  • you may be able to access cheaper insurance
  • deliver a consistent high quality dining experience which attracts and retains diners

Easy to use – help

This HR service is easy to use. There is no complicated jargon and we include guidance and information.

How do I get it?

The HR service comes to you via email with links to a secure download area online  and each time there is a legal change in the 12 months post order we just upload the new document and let you know there is an update via email.

What happens on order is we ask you to send over the email and URL/Link to your web site as all our docs are licensed for your business and then, once we have those, the link to download is sent to you. All this happens within 3 working days of us receiving the information from you.

It couldn’t be easier!

Anything else I need to know?

Please note the price does not include email support or phone calls but the handbook comes with full instructions and advice about how to use it.





What type of employment contracts are included?

Comprehensive employment contracts designed to

  • make things clear to your employees
  • protect your business

They include:

Part time worker employment contract

Full time worker employment

Zero hours employment contract

Each contain optional clauses, such as whether you want to have a probation period.


What type of Job Descriptions are included?

We include a template job description with suggestions for common roles which you can tailor to meet your own needs. Roles such as Head or executive chef, pastry chef, sous chef, commis chef, waiter/waitress/server, Food and beverage assistant, Catering assistant, Barista, kitchen assistant, Bar Manager, Restaurant manager. Front of house manager, bar manager, bar team member, café manager, mixologist.

What’s in the handbook?

The handbook contains the following policies:

  • Alcohol (and Substances/drugs) at work
  • Ability to work in the UK
  • Absences (including sickness, holidays, maternity, “family” and other time off work Capability/poor performance
  • Cash Handling
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Employee Data Protection
  • Equality (includes harassment)
  • Formal Meetings Information
  • Mobile Telephone and Device
  • Recruitment
  • Smoking and Breaks
  • Stop and Search
  • Stress at work

What’s in the HR Policy Section?

The handbook contains the following policies and information:

  • Initial induction
  • Consultation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Staff Duties/ responsibilities
  • Accident, Injury or Illness – including First Aid and Reporting Accidents, Injury or Illness
  • Fire Policy and Procedures including Evacuation
  • Security, Suspicious Objects & Bomb Procedures
  • Access
  • Drugs, Alcohol & Firearms and Other Offensive Weapons               
  • General Security
  • Breaks, including Alternative Arrangements
  • Safe Use of Knives
  • Dermatitis and Skin Care
  • Slips and Trips
  • Manual Handling including avoiding Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Food Safety


To help you implement your HR Solution we also provide checklists and forms including:

  • Staff Induction and Training record
  • First aider agreement
  • Risk assessment checklist recommended by Health & Safety
  • Health and safety documents and training information as recommended by the Foods Standards Agency
  • Home Office right to work checklist
  • Recruitment Pack which includes interview and selection forms
  • Holiday (absence) request form
  • Handling disciplinary pack – includes warning letter, letter to set a meeting, Investigation and Disciplinary Aide Memoire,
  • Time sheet



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